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CONFERENCE: Transforming teaching and learning

The Knapsack Institute: Transforming Teaching and Learning, June 6-9, 2012

The Knapsack Institute supports educators across the nation as they create curriculum and pedagogy to integrate race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class and other forms of social inequality into their work and strive to create inclusive classrooms.

The Knapsack Institute provides educators with a framework for teaching about the matrix of privilege and oppression. Our interactive, collaborative Institute welcomes all educators ((broadly defined, including K-12, higher education, non-profit staff, private sector, diversity trainers, etc.). Alumni include faculty, teachers, and facilitators at many levels, from a wide range of disciplines, backgrounds, and organizations.

The Knapsack Institute:

· Is a forum for sharing ideas and strategies

· Emphasizes pedagogical approaches to teaching diversity, privilege, and intersectionality

· Provides professional growth and development, including CEUs & academic credit

· Provides mentoring and leadership development

· Supports curriculum building

· Provides hands-on activities, tools and practices that can be replicated

· Provides strategies for dealing with resistance

· Provides suggestions for creating institutional change in your organization

· Provides resources and networking to support on-going change

· Is facilitated by faculty and informed by the latest research

K-12 Track! We are partnering with a number of national organizations to offer a separate K-12 track. Breakout sessions will examine issues such as: bullying, ally building, issues of safety for students, gender identity, creating inclusive environments, and culturally responsive practices. Co-sponsored by theADL’s A WORLD OF DIFFERENCEÒ Institute

Evaluation Highlights: for the fourth consecutive year, on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being fully agree, participants rated the KI a 10 in the following key areas:

· This Institute was very useful and valuable to me

· I would recommend this Institute to colleagues

· Speakers were knowledgeable and engaging

The Knapsack Institute is a program of The Matrix Center for the Advancement of Social Equity and Inclusion, the home of the national, award-winning White Privilege Conference.

Flier with further details attached. Early registration discounts available. Details and application at:

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