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CFP: American Studies Symposium

American Studies Symposium

"National Tragedies: Perceptions, Receptions and Expectations"

Purdue University ~ West Lafayette, IN ~ April 19th and 20th, 2012

Submission Deadline: January 16, 2012

The American Studies Program at Purdue University announces its 37th annual Symposium to be held April 19-20, 2012. This event is organized by graduate students and focuses on the presentation of graduate student work. In acknowledging the importance of interdisciplinary studies, the Symposium Committee invites papers from students of all disciplines to engage the theme "National Tragedies: Perceptions, Receptions, and Expectations."

National Tragedies: Perceptions, Receptions and Expectations

The theme of “National Tragedies” seeks to interrogate those moments and events in both history and contemporary society, which have affected the American psyche consciously and/or unconsciously. A focus on Perceptions assesses how various peoples in America and even those beyond America's geo-political borders have defined tragedies and nations, politically, socially, economically, and environmentally. Receptions aims to uncover the varied responses to and reflections upon these tragic moments and decipher what they mean both nationally and transnationally for America. Finally, Expectations seeks to develop and foster an understanding about national tragedies cross-culturally, within and without the nation.

With a focus primarily on past and present transnational developments in America, the theme seeks to initiate scholarly conversations that theorize upon instances within American history which have been instrumental in defining how America views itself as a nation as well as how America is viewed by other nations. These instances include subjects which deal with tragic disasters on American soil as well as America’s response to tragedies abroad, America’s involvement in wars, racial injustice, inequalities within the law, recent Internet and pop culture phenomena, immigration and migration policies, international relations, the regulation of gender and sexuality, and other numerous political rebellions. Thus, the goal of the conference highlights how identities are constantly being negotiated and formed through constant exchanges amongst and between various peoples, nations, and spaces within the theme of National Tragedies.

Possible proposal topics from interdisciplinary perspectives include, but are not limited to:

● Community Initiatives and Activism

● Critical Race Theory, Whiteness Studies

● Cultural Amnesia

● Cultural Studies, Popular Culture Studies

● Eco-Feminism, Environmental Studies

● Education and Pedagogy Studies

● Ethnic Studies

● Film, Television & Media Studies

● Gender, Queer Theory and Sexuality Studies

● Literary Studies

● National and Global Citizenship

● Online/Virtual Identities

● Othered Social Groups

● Performance Studies, Performance Art

● Religious Studies

The Symposium Committee invites all those interested to submit proposals no longer than one page in length for panels, individual papers, workshops, and performances no later than January 16, 2012. Please also submit a biography of no more than 250 words, a current CV with contact information (especially your email address), and a list of any audio and/or visual equipment necessary for your presentation. Submissions must be made electronically <>

For more information and updates on keynote speakers please visit:<>

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