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JOB: Telemark University College

Professorship in Sports and Outdoor Life StudiesTelemark University College currently enrols about 6000 students and employs about 650 employees. The university college has four faculties and the teaching and research activities are located at campuses in Bø, Notodden, Porsgrunn and Rauland. The university college administration is located at Porsgrunn.

The Faculty currently employs approx. 100 staff in teaching and research positions, and approx. 17 administrative staff. The position is affiliated with the Department of Sports and Outdoor Life Studies. The Department employs approx. 20 permanent staff and currently enrols 400 students.
The Faculty currently employs approx. 100 staff in teaching and research positions, and approx. 17 administrative staff. The position is affiliated with the Department of Sports and Outdoor Life Studies. The Department employs approx. 20 permanent staff and currently enrols 400 students.
The Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Bø in Telemark, has a vacancy for a permanent position as Professor in Sports and Outdoor Life Studies. Appointment 1 January 2013 or by agreement.
The position reports to the Head of Department. The primary place of employment is Bø campus, but the successful applicant will also have some responsibilities at the Notodden campus.
The Department of Sports and Outdoor Life Studies at the college is one of the largest in the field in Norway and has a strong focus on a critical social science approach to sports and outdoor life research. The social role of sports and outdoor life and its significance, and the formation of meaning associated with the individual, are crucial. A common focus is the body in motion.
The Department embraces a range of fields from the natural sciences to phenomenology. Applicants must possess research expertise and experience in one of the following fields: sports / outdoor life and policies; outdoor life / sports and gender; outdoor life / sports and education; and sports or outdoor life as socio-cultural phenomena.
The responsibilities of the position will include teaching and supervision activities in Bachelor and Master’s programmes in social science and pedagogical subjects, as well as teaching and supervision activities in Master’s programmes in scientific theory and methodology.
Further, the responsibilities of the position will include research and development, including a special responsibility for initiating and developing research in the Department of Sports and Outdoor Life Studies, and in collaboration with physical education studies at the Faculty of Art, Norwegian Folk Culture & Teacher Education, and the University of Agder; this includes applying for external funding for research projects.
It is also expected that the professorship will contribute to the development of the doctoral programme in Cultural Studies, and also to the doctoral programme in Ecology; the teaching and supervision of doctoral students as well as research may be allocated to the position.
The position will also involve cultivating and expanding academic networks both nationally and internationally.
The position also includes administrative duties that fall under the general work requirement for all employees.
The successful applicant must be able to document research competence at an international level within the areas which the position covers. Submitted research work will form the basis for evaluating the applicant’s research competence.
The applicant should be dynamic, positive and be able to demonstrate a good ability to cooperate. Further, the applicant should have experience leading research projects and providing guidance at a high level. Experience in teaching, instruction and educational qualifications, and other relevant experience is also emphasized. In order to be appointed to a permanent position, the applicant must have completed a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education; applicants who do not possess such pedagogical qualifications may be employed on the condition that they acquire such qualifications within three years of the date of their employment.
An expert committee will evaluate the applications. On the basis of the committee’s recommendations, short-listed candidates will be called in for interviews and practice lectures.
It is an aim of personnel policy that the academic staff should reflect the composition of the general population. It is therefore a personnel policy objective to achieve a balanced age and gender composition and to recruit people from immigrant backgrounds. People with immigrant backgrounds are encouraged to apply for the position.
There are few women employed in research positions at the faculty, and consequently women are especially encouraged to apply.
If no qualified applicants apply for the permanent position as professor, a temporary three-year appointment may be made, if the expert committee consider that the person selected will be able to acquire the necessary qualifications within the first three years of employment. If a new expert assessment at the end of three years approves it, the applicant who was appointed to a temporary position, will be entitled to a permanent appointment as professor.
The position as a professor, code 1013, is placed in scale of pay 67-92 in the State Salary Scale, currently NOK 563 000 to NOK 1,029 100 per year. A statutory contribution of 2% will be made to the state pension programme. The salary will be adjusted after the current year’s wage negotiations have been concluded.
For more information concerning the position please contact the Head of Department Annette Bischoff, Tel.: (00 47) 35 95 27 87, Email: or the Head of Administration, Erik Aarnes, Tel.: (00 47) 35 95 27 05, Email:
Telemark University College uses online applications. We therefore ask applicants to register their application online by clicking on the “Send application” link to the right.
The applicant should submit a maximum of 15 scientific works, in four copies each, which the applicant wishes to be given special attention in the assessment. A copy of the application, CV, diplomas, certificates and any publications must be forwarded in 4 complete sets (paper format) within a week after the deadline. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the submitted copies are complete. The papers will be returned when the application process is concluded. All materials should be sent to: Telemark University College, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Halvard Eikas plass, 3800 Bø in Telemark, Norway. Please mark the application with the reference number: 2012/732.

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