Thursday, August 23, 2012

BOOK: Race and Sport in Canada: Intersecting Inequalities

Race and Sport in Canada:
Intersecting Inequalities
Edited by Simon Darnell, Janelle Joseph, and Yuka Nakamura
August 2012 • 978-1-55130-414-4• $39.95 • 300pp

            Race and Sport in Canada: Intersecting Inequalities marks the first anthology to explore intersections of race with the constructions of gender, sexuality, class, and ability within the context of Canadian sport settings.
            Written by a collection of emerging and established scholars, this book is broadly organized into three interrelated areas: historical approaches to the study of race and sport in Canada; Canadian immigration and the study of race and sport; and the study of race and sport beyond Canada’s borders. Within these themes, a variety of relevant topics are discussed, including black football players in 20th century Canada, the structural barriers to sports participation faced by immigrants arriving to Atlantic Canada, and NCAA Scholarships and Canadian athletes.
            Race and Sport in Canada will be of interest to the general reader as well as to instructors and students in the fields of sport studies, sociology, critical race studies, cultural studies, and education.

Janelle Joseph is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the School of Physical Education at the University of Otago in New Zealand. Simon Darnell is currently an SSHRC Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Department of International Development Studies at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Yuka Nakamura is Project Manager at the Centre for Sport Policy Studies in the Faculty of Physical Education and Health at the University of Toronto.

Table of Contents:
Part One: Historical Approaches to the Study of Race in Canada
Sport and the Canadian Immigrant: Physical Expressions of Cultural Identity within a Dominant Culture, 1896-1945,Russell Field • Football and “Tolerance”: Black Football Players in 20th Century Canada, John Valentine and Simon Darnell• Hockey and the Reproduction of Colonialism in Canada, Andreas Krebs • New Racism and Old Stereotypes in the National Hockey League: The “Stacking” of Aboriginal Players into the Role of Enforcer, John Valentine
Part Two: Canadian Immigration and the Study of Race and Sport
Gender, Immigration, and Physical Activity: The Experiences of Chinese Immigrant Women, Xin Huang, Wendy Frisby, and Lucie Thibault • Understanding Structural Barriers in Amateur Sport and the Participation of Immigrants in Atlantic Canada, Lori A. Livingston and Susan Tirone
Part Three: The Study of Race and Sport Beyond Canada’s Borders
Managing Whiteness in “Sport for Development and Peace” Internships, Simon Darnell • Playing in Chinatown: A Critical Discussion of the Nation/Sport/Citizen Triad, Yuka Nakamura • An Intersectional Analysis of Black Sporting Masculinities,Janelle Joseph • Athletic Aspirations: NCAA Scholarships and Canadian Athletes, Sandy Wells

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Great topic, race and sport definitely. performance and involvement will surely depends on race.