Thursday, October 08, 2015

JOB: Positions on Sport & Physical Activity and Events & Leisure - Bournemouth University

There are 3 new posts in the new Dept. of Sport & Physical Activity at Bournemouth University. 2 x L/SL posts (equivalent to Assistant/Associate Prof) and 1 x HoD post.

There are also 2 further posts in the Dept. of Events & Leisure 1 x L/SL post and 1 x HoD post .

If interested, links to the adverts and the new Dept. website are pasted below (although please note that the research tab on the web page is being totally revised and will soon link to a new research centre):

Dept. of Sport & Physical Activity Positions:
L/SL Ad (x2):

Dept. of Sport & Physical Activity website:

Events / Leisure Positions:

Any questions, further discussion and details etc etc., please do drop me and/or Ian Jones a line (or for leisure / event positions, the listed contact, Dr Caroline Jackson).

Professor Michael Silk,
Department of Sport & Physical Activity,
Faculty of Management,

Bournemouth University

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