Wednesday, September 02, 2015

CFP: “Adhoc Group on Sociology of Sports” at the 41st All India Sociological Conference

This is a Call for Abstracts for the Adhoc Group on Sociology of Sports” at the 41st All India Sociological Conference scheduled to be held at the Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences, KIIT University, Bhubaneshwar, India on 27 – 29 December 2015. The details for this very important conference can be seen at
The Adhoc Group on Sociology of Sports is a new vibrant group, which aims at establishing this very important fraternity in India. While thoroughly prominent in the Western world, we seek your valuable academic support to cement this here in India. This Conference shall be the First and most efficient platform to submit your abstracts and full length papers. The theme of this Conference is “Development, Marginalization and People’s Movements” with many sub-themes as follows:
o Development, Marginalization and People’s Movements-Theoretical Perspectives.
o Development policies in the era of liberalization, privatization and globalization and their impact in rural and urban areas.
o Major trends in responses of the marginalized towards present model of development.
o Politics of Development: Agendas of political parties, election manifestos, governments and civil society.
o People’s Movements against development, displacement and marginalization. o Alternative approaches for addressing marginalization.
o Gender, development and marginalization of women.
o Development and class dynamics in rural and urban societies.
o Issues related to livelihood and development vis-à-vis marginalized groups in a globalized world.
o Conflicts between civil society and state for development of marginalized groups.
o Development, Marginalization, People’s Movements and Media
We, Sociologists of sport intend to validate our professional project through appeals to the Sociological ‘Mainstream’ and the correlative distancing from Physical Education. The unique feature about the sociological approach to sport, as distinct from psychology has been a focus about sport in its function as a component of social organization. The sociological perception of sports is based on three fundamental themes; sport is a social institution worthy of sociological examination like the more traditional institutions of politics, religion, economy, marriage/family, law, health/medicine education, and science; sport is a microcosm of the larger society and as such reflects and reinforces the foremost philosophy; and several institutional links between sport and other societal institutions make it impossible for changes in one sphere not to have deep effects in all spheres. While “Sociology of Sports” plays a pivotal role in the development process of Western part of the world, with context to India, there is almost no research work done, particularly related to the sociological measurements pertaining to growth and development of the children and youth through sports practices.
We welcome your abstracts (along with your ISS Membership Number please – those who have not paid their Membership fee, i.e. INR 400.00 for two years or INR 800.00 for Five years may also submit the same), in 200 words, the last date for submission of which is 10 October 2015. Acceptance of the abstract will be communicated by 25 October 2015.You may please register for this Conference before 15 September 2015 to avail an early bird discount. The registration fee covers the lodging, boarding and hospitality during the days of the Conference. The abstracts may be submitted at or
Please avail this enriching academic opportunity, to associate yourself with the “Sociology of Sports”, and also to visit the beautiful land of the Jagannath.

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