Tuesday, August 18, 2015

AWARD: SSJ Early Career Researcher

SSJ Early Career Researcher Award

Sponsored by Human Kinetics, we are pleased to announce the inaugural "SSJ Early Career Researcher Award", to be awarded to an early career NASSS member "in recognition of significant scholarly contributions to the sociology of sport field." The winner of the award will receive U.S.$1,000 and be recognized at the 2015 NASSS business meeting/awards.

The Award is open to all members of NASSS who have received a PhD within the previous seven (7) years of the Award year (i.e., for 2015, an individual would have had to receive his or her PhD between 2008 and 2015). 

Nomination packets must be submitted to the Chair of the SSJ Early Career Researcher Award committee, Michael Giardina, by August 31, 2015. Application packets must be sent via email to: SSJAward2015@gmail.com

An individual shall be considered for the Award if he or she is a NASSS member and the Chair receives the following documents by the August 31, 2015 deadline:

1. A letter of nomination from a member of NASSS outlining the nominee's accomplishments to date, as well as anticipated future contributions to the field;

2. A copy of the nominee's most recent curriculum vitae;

3. Two representative scholarly publications by the nominee;

The criteria for evaluation shall include publication record and other scholarly contributions to the sociology of sport (e.g., scholarly journal articles, books, monographs, research reports and so forth that demonstrate an impact on the sociology of sport knowledge base; scholarly presentations, invited plenaries, and/or keynote addresses; public engagement/public sociology; and other awards the nominee may have received, including but not limited to other NASSS awards).

** Please note that self-nominations shall not be accepted, and that a member of NASSS may only nominate one individual for this Award per year.

Questions concerning the award should be directed to the committee chair via email at SSJAward2015@gmail.com

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