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CFP: 14th annual conference of the European Academy of Management 2014

Dear Colleagues
EURAM’14 call for papers is now open. The conference will take place in Valencia from 4th to 7th of June and we would like you to consider a submission to the Managing Olympic Sport track.

09_03 Managing Olympic Sport
The management of Olympic sport is of relevance to all researchers in the field of sport management, given the significant impact that the Olympic Games and its associated organisations have on the world of sport. Research in this area addresses all aspects of management, however, the particular focus on Olympic sport requires the understanding of the complexities of the operating environment within which Olympic sport is delivered. We invite both theoretical and empirical papers that address issues on the management of Olympic sport at any level.
Keywords: International Olympic Committee; National Federations; Management of Olympic Sport Organisations; Olympic Games; Elite sport

Proponents: Leigh Robinson. University of Stirling, UK.
Tracy Taylor. UTS Business School Sydney, Australia
Thierry Zintz. Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium

The general call for papers of the EURAM Strategic Interest Group on Managing Sport can be found at:

Below you find  a brief description of the other topics sponsored by the SIG on Managing Sport (a full description is to be found on the website as to the hyperlink above)
09_00 Managing Sport - General Track
Chairs: Harald Dolles. Molde University College (Norway) and University of Gothenburg (Sweden)
Sten Söderman. Stockholm University, Sweden.
Mathieu Winand. University of Stirling, UK.
The EURAM 2014 general track on ‘Managing Sport’ seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the unique development in sports, its logic of co-creation of value and the advancement of the industry towards internationalisation, professionalization and commercialisation. The track covers the following dimensions: First, the management aspects of sport itself and its institutions. Second, the management of sport related industries, either producing sport equipment and apparel or firms that market their products through sport.
Keywords: Sport management; Sport business; Sport organisations; Sport development; Sport leadership; Sport marketing
09_01 Sport Governance
Many challenges in sport are linked to how sport and sports organisations are governed. There are numerous questions of governance in sport that need to be addressed to improve our collective understanding on how boards lead sports organisations, and hopefully ensure that sport organisations’ quest for competitiveness and performance is not detrimental to their intrinsic social values. We invite both theoretical and empirical papers that address issues on sport governance, institutional change, board management and CSR in sport at any level: amateur and professional sport clubs, national and international governing bodies, team or individual sports.
Keywords: Sport Governance; Board management; Institutional change; Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Proponents: Mathieu Winand. University of Stirling, UK.
Hallgeir Gammelsæter. Molde University College, Norway
Benoît Senaux. Coventry Business School, UK
Christos Anagnostopoulos. Coventry Business School, UK
09_02 Managing Events
The topic “Managing Events” at EURAM aims to examine the nature and scope of event management studies and related disciplines by demonstrating what is unique and challenging about event management. We further would like to address comparative and cross-disciplinary studies by drawing on existing conceptual models, event-related literature and practical experience in the field. We invite empirical and theoretical contributions that elaborate on event management drawing on a range of different theoretical and methodological approaches.
Keywords: Event management; Event marketing; Impact studies (economic, social, environmental); Event tourism; Mega-events
Proponents: Harald Dolles. Molde University College (Norway) and University of Gothenburg (Sweden)
Reidar J. Mykletun. University of Stavanger, Norway
Simon Chadwick. Coventry Business School, UK

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