Friday, September 06, 2013

CFP: Embodiment and Social Difference - Qualitative Inquiry

Call for Papers for a Special Issue of Qualitative Inquiry on "Embodiment and Social Difference: A Tribute to Laurel Richardson"
Renowned sociologist and writer Laurel Richardson experiments with creative interdisciplinary qualitative inquiry, with a sensitivity to the lived experience of embodied social difference. Well known for her work on gender, Richardson’s recent book After a Fall: A Sociomedical Sojourn focuses on issues of disability, aging, and ableism. In the spirit and practice of Laurel Richardson, we invite you to submit essays and research articles on the embodied axes of social difference—disability/ableism, gender/sexism, age/ageism, sexuality/heterosexism, race/racism, and the intersectionalities of these social experiences.
Papers, proposals, and queries should be sent to Ronald Berger (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater,, Carla Corroto (Radford University,, or Julie White (The Victoria Institute,
The deadline for the submission of completed manuscripts is February 1, 2014.

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