Wednesday, February 20, 2013

JOURNAL: Communication & Sport

We are pleased to announce that the inaugural 2013 (Vol. 1, No. 1/2) double issue of the new SAGE research quarterly Communication & Sport is available for download at the journal's website at along with about 10 other articles published in advance of print publication via SAGE Online First.  The website also provides links to the new journal's Aims & Scope, Editorial Board, Manuscript Submission Guidelines, and individual and institutional subscription information. In the 200 page inaugural issue entitled "Reflections on Communication and Sport: Perspectives From Key Figures,"  the following 16 scholars foundational to the development of the study of sport, communication, and media "reflect" on diverse topics that have been central to the maturing of this scholarly area:

  • Garry Whannel: On Mediatization and Cultural Analysis
  • David Rowe: On Nation and Globalization
  • Michael Real: On Spectacle and Mega-Events
  • Robert Bellamy: On Institutions and Strategies
  • Paul Pedersen: On Strategic Communication and Management
  • Nick Trujillo: Ethnography and Organizations
  • Wayne Wanta: On Reporting and Journalists
  • Raymond Boyle: On Journalism and Digital Culture
  • Steven Jackson: On Advertising and Promotional Culture
  • Michael Messner: On Men and Masculinities
  • Toni Bruce: On Women and Femininities
  • Helen Jefferson Lenskyj: On Heteronormativity and Gender Identities
  • David Andrews: On Celebrity and Race
  • Arthur Raney: On Enjoyment and Disposition
  • Walter Gantz: On Fanship and Social Relationships
  • Lawrence Wenner: On Reading Sport and Narrative Ethics
I encourage you to take advantage of SAGE Publications program to download articles free of charge from the journal's site during the first year of publication.
For those interested in subscribing to Communication & Sport, I encourage you to purchase an $80 annual membership in the International Association for Communication of Sport at  that includes a journal subscription at the same price as purchasing an individual subscription directly from SAGE.  The new IACS-SAGE partnership in publishing Communication & Sport and the ongoing developments at IACS, including its annual Summit on Communication and Sport, offer many opportunities to scholars studying sport, communication, and media from varied disciplinary perspectives.

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