Monday, February 11, 2013

CFP: Conference of the European Association for Sport Management

The 21st Conference of the European Association for Sport Management taking place in Istanbul, September 2013, will bring together leading teachers, researchers, students and practitioners in the area of sports management.
The Conference theme is Sport Management for Quality of Life. The multifaceted structure of modern sport bears the potential for both human enrichment as well as humiliating processes (e.g. racism). Sport can play an important role in binding diverse social-cultural identities and nevertheless preserve individual dignity. On the other hand, uncontrolled economical and social processes in our modern multicultural society may counteract with harmful results. Nowadays in the “global village” Sport Management has to face these contradictory challenges both on the global and local scale. Big sport events as well as grassroots sports in the community should promote human enrichment by creating social and human capital. The commitment of sport management to physical and mental well-being, recreation, social and environmental belonging, thus “quality of life” and the implications of this commitment will be the central theme underlying this conference.

The EASM 2013 program structure will consist of three main session types:
  • Plenary sessions (invited speakers)
  • Scientific and professional practice abstract/paper presentations in:
    • Topical sessions (abstracts only)
    • Workshops (abstracts and/or papers where specified)
    • Poster presentations (oral) (abstracts only)
EASM cordially invites you and your colleagues or peers to submit a scientific or practical abstract/paper or poster to be considered for presentation at the EASM 2013. Young researchers are invited to submit a scientific paper for the New Researchers Award (NRA).
The conference web site will be opened for submissions on the 4th of February.
Submission deadline: 4th of April of 2013
Topical Sessions
Topics of interest for abstract submission include, but are not limited to the following:
1. Critical Sport Management issues (Doping, fixing, corruption, trafficking, foul play etc.)
2. Global Sporting Events
3. Governance of Sport(s) and Sport Organizations
4. Leadership Issues in Sport Organizations (Continuous improvement and quality assurance, innovation, human resources management, conflict management etc.)
5. Marketing In and Through Sport
6. Opportunities, Challenges and Trends in Sport Management
7. Sport Fans (Diverse aspects of fan and audience motivation and behavior)
8. Sport for Good (Sport used as a means to develop ethical values, communities, integration, reconciliation, peace etc.)
9. Sport Media and Journalism
10.Sport Participation
11.Sport Policy
12.Tourism and Leisure Sport Management (Sport as entertainment, recreation, tourism, wellness and fitness drivers)
13.Sport and Environmental Issues
14.Other sport management related issues

When writing your abstract it is recommended that you consider the topics listed under topical sessions (or workshops). However, the Scientific Committee reserves the right to decide on the final topic grouping upon abstract selection.

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