Wednesday, April 11, 2012

CFP: SSJ Special Issue

Sociology of Sport Journal
Special Issue: Conversations between Sociology and Psychology: Applying Social Theory in Micro-Level Sport and Physical Cultural Contexts

Editors: Holly Thorpe (University of Waikato), Tatiana Ryba (Aarhus University)
and Jim Denison (University of Alberta)

This Special Issue examines the potential to combine critical psychology and sociology to
create positive change in sport and physical cultural contexts. Developing a theoretically-informed analytical approach to practical issues in sport and exercise, we seek to move
beyond the longstanding divide between the sociology and psychology of sport and physical
culture by inviting contributions that contest structure/agency, society/individual,
macro/micro, and/or theory/practice dichotomies. We encourage submissions that attempt to enhance individuals' experiences in practical sport sport and exercise contexts through research informed by a larger social critique and analysis. We are looking for articles that emphasize the interconnections between the socio-cultural and the psychological to expand our critical understanding of lived experiences, and inform our research practices and politics in
particular sport and physical cultural contexts. Ideally, contributors will draw from both
psychological and sociological literatures to go beyond individual-based modes of analysis
and intervention to critically examine the possibilities for change emanating from the
individual or micro level. We also encourage contributors to engage in theoretical analyses of
how social theory can enhance understandings of the socio-psychological dimensions of the
sporting/exercising subject-in-the-world.

The editors invite contributions that adopt a transdisciplinary dialogue that engages critical
theory to examine topics such as (but not limited to):
  • Health (e.g., sport and physical cultural health practices, trainers, medical practitioners and athletes' experiences of ruptured embodiment)
  • Moving bodies (e.g., body-image, body practices, extreme bodies, body aesthetics)
  • Identities in sport and physical culture including analyses of participants' lived experiences
  • Coaches' and instructors' practices as discursively formed
  • Youth sport (e.g., socio-cultural dimensions of athlete development, talent detection and production of careers in high performance sport, competition vs. play)
  • Performance enhancement interventions that recognize 'sporting problems' as social constructions
  • Transitions (e.g., career transitions, transnational mobilities, trans-athletes)
  • Affective and/or sensuous sporting experiences (e.g., anger, pleasure, joy, fun)
  • Risk-taking, injury and pain in sport, exercise and physical culture
Authors should follor the "Instructions of Contributors" found at and in every issue of the
Sociology of Sport Journal. Word limit is 8,000, including back matter.

Online submissions should be sent to, and questions
should be sent to Dr Holly Thorpe,, Dr Tatiana Ryba,, and/or Dr James Denison,

Due date for Papers: September 30, 2012

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