Friday, January 27, 2012

PROPOSALS: Special Issue(s) of Sport Management Review

Sport Management Review is inviting proposals for forthcoming special issues of the journal. Published by Elsevier, SMR is the journal of the Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand (SMAANZ). Please visit the journal website for more information about its Aims & Scope, the Editorial Board, and sample issues.

SMR has published seven special issues to date, with an eighth scheduled for 15(4), 2012. Special issue themes have included Professional Sport in Australia and New Zealand 8(2) 2005, Sport Volunteerism 9(3) 2006, Sport Management Education 10(2) 2007, Sport Development 11(3) 2008, Gender and Sport Management 12(4) 2009, Managing Ethnocultural and ‘Racial’ Diversity in Sport 13(4) 2010, Sport Law and Regulation 14(3) 2011, and Sport Governance 15(4) 2012. Special Issue Editors have come from around the world.

Proposals are being sought for a special issue to be published in 17(1), 2014, and beyond.

Please direct proposals to Alison Doherty, Associate Editor SMR at Deadline for submission of proposals is March 1, 2012. The following aspects should be addressed:

1. Theme to be addressed

2. Relevance and timeliness of the theme

3. Expected contribution to sport management scholarship

4. Prospective contributors

5. Academic standing and editorial experience of the proposed editor(s)

Proposals will be reviewed by the Editor Tracy Taylor and Associate Editor Alison Doherty, and evaluated on the above aspects.

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