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JOB: Brunel University

Brunel University

Subject Leader for Sport Sciences – natural and social sciences

The Subject Leader in Sport Sciences is a pivotal position that provides academic leadership to 28 members of staff with a vibrant multidisciplinary portfolio of teaching and research/transfer activities across the natural sciences and social sciences of sport and physical education (including sociology, policy, management, physical education, biomechanics, physiology and psychology). At a time of dramatic change in the HE environment, the appointee should be able to demonstrate a breadth of academic experience and leadership to build upon the success the subject area has achieved. In addition to day-today line-management of all academic and academic-related staff, the Subject Leader should be able to advocate on behalf of this multidisciplinary Sport Sciences department, and represent its interests to the university senior management and the outside world.

The University’s aspiration for Sport Sciences research at Brunel is to improve its ranking among UK institutions in REF2014 within UoA 26 (Sport and Exercise Sciences, Leisure and Tourism), from its current position of 8th following RAE2008. The appointment of a new Subject Leader offers the opportunity to recruit a prominent scholar from the natural or social sciences in sport exercise and health with the leadership qualities, external profile and international reputation required for spearheading such ambitious plans. The individual will have leading roles within our subject area’s professional and scientific associations and high-
profile learned societies or organisations.

Person specification
Ideally, the University envisions that the Subject Leader will be:
• Respected and prominent within the natural and social sciences of sport, or a related field;
• Possesses demonstrable experience of strategic management and leadership in both research
and teaching.
• Be able to advocate on behalf of the subject area, and articulate clearly the vision and aspirations of multidisciplinary Sport Sciences, both within and out-with the University.
• Be committed to open and transparent management of the subject area.
• Demonstrate a commitment to raise the national profile of Sport Sciences at Brunel University.

Work with the Head of School, Deputy Head (Research) and Deputy Head (Teaching and Learning), as appropriate to lead and manage the subject area on a day-to-day basis.

Development of Academic Activity
• Exercise academic leadership through leading the subject area in its consideration of academic and other developments and through the encouragement and reward of good academic work
• Represent and forward the interests of the subject area within the wider context of the School and the outside world
• Lead the preparation of the subject area contribution to School and institutional plans, and put into effect those plans within the subject area
• Ensure recruitment and retention targets are met and increase the number of international students
• Lead modules / lectures where appropriate.

Leadership and Management of Staff
• Work with the Head of School to ensure that staff in the subject area meet the terms of their
employment contracts through conscientious attendance to their teaching, research, administrative and scholarly obligations
• Undertake, or oversee the delegation of, appraisals of academic staff in the subject area and
counsel, as necessary, academic staff as a result of regular review of their progress
• Make recommendations to the Head of School on probations and promotions for staff in the subject area
• Work with the School Deputy Head (Research) to make recommendations on study leave for staff in the subject area
• Work with the Head of School to keep staff in the subject area informed of policy issues and
decisions in the University
• Work with the Head of School to monitor the amount of outside work being undertaken by
each member of staff in the subject area and ensure that it is in accordance with an university
procedures, policies and regulations

Financial Resources
• Contribute to the discussion and preparation of a balanced School budget - particularly identifying specific needs of the subject area
• Support the management of those budgets by ensuring effective use of resources within the subject area
• Take such steps as may be required by the Head of School to ensure the effective operation of the subject area within the budgetary constraints.
• Encourage staff within the subject area to enhance the earning power of the subject area through seeking research grants (and, where appropriate, contracts and consultancies), the recruitment of appropriate numbers of qualified students, including overseas students, the mounting of short courses and any other appropriate means

• Work with and support the School Deputy Head (Teaching and Learning) to develop the quality of all academic related activity within the subject area to ensure that the courses and degrees offered are to the highest level and comply with relevant external criteria and with any regulatory and statutory bodies.
• Work with and support the School Deputy Head (Research) to develop the quality of all aspects of provision of research degrees within the subject area to ensure that provision offered is at the highest level and complies with all external criteria set by relevant regulatory and statutory bodies.

• Work with the Head of School to implement the decisions taken by properly constituted University bodies as they affect the subject area.
• Act as chair, either personally or by delegation, of examination boards
• Maintain discipline amongst students in the subject area
• Work with the Head of School to ensure that the subject area adheres to the University regulations concerning fire, health and safety.

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