Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CFA: Gender and Sport

From Elizabeth Cavalier:

I am organizing a paper session on "Gender and Sport" for the upcoming Southern Sociological Society meetings in New Orleans (March 21-24, 2012). The session is co-sponsored by Sociologists for Women in Society-South. Topics including but not limited to media representations of male or female athletes, gender/sex testing in sport, Title IX, and the intersections of gender and heteronormativity in sport are encouraged. Please consider submitting a paper for this session by Saturday, October 1 (email to ecavalie@ggc.edu). Your submission should include: (1) Paper title, (2) names, affiliations, and contact information for each author, and (3) an extended abstract, which should be 450-550 words.

Please forward this call for papers to anyone who might be interested in submitting a paper for this session.

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