Wednesday, March 23, 2011

CFP: "Under Pressure" JLS special issue

Call for Papers:Journal of Lesbian Studies

Special Issue: “Under Pressure”
Guest Edited by Yetta Howard

The JLS [Routledge/Taylor& Francis] invites essays for a special issue on the
theme, “Under Pressure.” Specifically, this special issue will explore the
cultural forms that place pressure on the category “lesbian” and/or the pressure
“lesbian” places on the aesthetic. To put pressure is to exert force—until the
object being forced can no longer sustain its present condition. Accordingly,
the state of being under pressure involves cohesion and stability pushed to the
limits. This issue will consider various aesthetic practices that put pressure
or are under pressure, practices that strain, or even burden, understandings of
queer female identities. What forms does the collision of “lesbian” with its
representational contexts take?

Essays on visual, textual, and auditory culture including, but not limited to,
studies in film, literature, comics/graphic novels, music, performance, and art
are welcome.

After the initial review of proposals, authors will be contacted within two –
four weeks as to the status of their submissions. Proposals will be evaluated
for originality, writing style, and pertinence to the special issue theme. Final
essays should be 5,000 – 10,000 words and contain no identifying information in
order to facilitate anonymous review.

Please send a one-page proposal (approx. 500 words) to Dr. Yetta Howard at by May 15, 2011. Please put “JLS Special Issue” in the
subject line.

Final essay deadline is September 1, 2011.
Yetta Howard, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of English (beg. Fall 2011)
Affiliated Faculty Member, LGBT Studies Minor
San Diego State University

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