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JOB: Sport for Development and Peace - Loughborough University, UK

JOB REF: REQ14201 APRIL 2014

As part of the University’s ongoing commitment to redeployment, please note that this vacancy may be withdrawn at any stage of the recruitment process if a suitable redeployee is identified.

This 2-year, full-time contract will support the research project: ‘Sport for a Better World? A Social Scientific Investigation of the Sport for Development and Peace Sector’. The project is led by Professor Richard Giulianotti (Loughborough University) and the co-investigators are Dr David Howe (Loughborough University) and Dr Simon Darnell (University of Toronto). The project is funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), and is scheduled to begin on 1st  September 2014.

The project provides a systematic study of the ‘Sport for Development and Peace’ (SDP) sector. The SDP sector features many programmes, organisations and campaigns across the world that use sport to promote non-sport social goals, such as development, peace, human rights and social justice. Key agencies within the sector include the United Nations and other governmental organisations, many non-governmental organisations, sport federations, major corporations and campaign groups.

The project has 5 main research objectives:
1. To examine how the SDP sector is constructed in social and organisational terms, notably by investigating the different policies, networking and power relations among SDP stakeholders; and how the sector may become more effective through new types of partnership.
2. To examine SDP work through the comparative investigation of three selected fields of major SDP activity: empowering people with disabilities; promoting peace and conflict resolution; and advancing human rights.
3. To examine SDP programmes and campaigns, particularly their organisation, implementation and user-group experiences.
4. To examine comparatively SDP work in 5 selected locations of major SDP activity: Bosnia, Jamaica, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka and Zambia.
5. To produce research findings that will have significant non-academic and academic impacts.

Research will be undertaken primarily through the use of qualitative research methods.


Job Grade: Research Grade 6
Job Purpose: To undertake research in the Sport for Development and Peace sector, with colleagues at Loughborough and other Universities.
Job Duties:
  •  Undertake research (fieldwork and interviews) into the SDP sector in two international locations of major SDP activity 
  •  Undertake additional research (fieldwork and interviews) with SDP officials 
  •  Undertake preparations for research that will be conducted in different international locations and with different research groups 
  •  Assist in the compilation and storing of statistical data, and documentary and secondary data 
  •  Assist in developing the project’s analytical framework 
  •  Contribute to the analysis of research data as appropriate 
  •  Write papers for academic journals 
  •  Prepare presentations and reports including data presentations 
  •  Facilitate rapid dissemination and exploitation of research outputs 
  •  Undertake continuous reviews of relevant developments in the scientific literature 
  •  Maintain the project website 
  •  Assist in communications with the project’s research liaison group 
  •  Assist in organising the end-of-award project symposium 
  •  Work effectively and flexibly as part of a project team, and with relevant administrative, technical and academic staff in the School and across the University 
  •  Engage in training programmes in the University that are consistent with the Research Associate’s needs and aspirations, and those of the project team and host School 
  •  Undertake other duties as may be reasonably requested, and that are commensurate with the nature and grade of the post 
  •  All staff have a statutory responsibility to take reasonable care of themselves, others and the environment and to prevent harm by their acts or omissions. All staff are therefore required to adhere to the University’s Health, Safety and Environmental Policy & Procedures.
Job Title: Research Associate ‘Sport for a Better World’?
Job Grade: Research Grade 6

Essential Desirable
Qualifications An excellent educational profile(1,3); A PhD in a relevant social science discipline or in the social scientific study of sport (1,3) Post-doctoral or equivalent research experience (1,3)
Experience Doctoral or recent postdoctoral research work in relevant research areas (1,2,3); Proven experience of undertaking qualitative research (1,2,3) Current or recent work in the field of sport for development and peace (broadly defined) (1,3); Experience of undertaking social research in developing nations (1,3); Experience of authoring original work for academic journals and conferences (1,3)
Skills and Abilities Ability to co-ordinate and monitor progress of work (1,3); Good interpersonal and organisational skills (1,3); Self-motivated with ability to meet deadlines (1,3); Ability to work independently and as part of a team (1,3); Ability to undertake research in international contexts, particularly in developing nations (1,2,3); Ability to write original papers for academic journals and conferences (1,3) Knowledge of the sport for development and peace sector (1,3); Good IT and administrative skills (1,3)
Training A willingness to undertake further training and adopt new procedures as appropriate (1,3)
Other A degree of flexibility and a commitment to meet deadlines as appropriate (1,3); Willingness and ability to travel to undertake research in international contexts (1,3); Commitment to observing the University's Equal Opportunities policy at all times (1,3)

Stages in Assessment (shown in brackets): (1) Application Form, (2) Assessment, (3) Interview.

Conditions of Service
The appointment will be made on a full-time, fixed-term contract for 2 years on Research Grade 6, £28,132 to £29,837 per annum, at a starting salary commensurate with experience and qualifications.
The appointment will be subject to the University's normal Terms and Conditions of Employment for Academic and Related staff, details of which can be found at:

Informal Enquiries
Informal enquiries should be made to Professor Richard Giulianotti via email to or telephone +44 (0)1509 226350.

The closing date for receipt of applications is 20 May 2014.

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