Thursday, March 27, 2014

GRANT: NCAA Graduate Student Research Program

NCAA Graduate Student Research Grant Program
The NCAA Research Committee invites research proposals within the general topic areas of student-athlete well-being and college athletics participation. Research grants are available for graduate students only and are intended to support the student while conducting research to be used for a doctoral dissertation, master’s thesis or external publication. Awards for these one-time research grants are set at a maximum of $7,500. Recipients will be expected to culminate their project in an article suitable for publication in a scholarly journal, or in a completed master’s thesis or dissertation. Grant recipients will also be expected to submit a brief summary of the research that is suitable for publication in the NCAA News.
Students studying topics of specific interest to the NCAA and its membership and demonstrating the competencies necessary to successfully complete the proposed study will receive highest consideration. Research topics may include but are not limited to: the impact of participation in athletics on the academic or social experiences of student-athletes; best practices for academic advisement of student-athletes; student-athlete well-being; the relationship between athletic time demands and academic success; student-athlete integration into the campus community; finances of intercollegiate athletics; diversity and inclusion issues in intercollegiate athletics; student-athlete satisfaction with the college experience; the health and safety of student-athletes; and analytic philosophical/historical accounts of intercollegiate athletics.
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