Tuesday, July 09, 2013

POSTGRAD: Sport for Social Coexistence and Conflict Resolution

Enrolment Open

I am writing with excitement on behalf of the UNESCO-FFCB-UOC Chair to share that the second edition of our bilingual online Postgraduate and Master program in Sport for Social Coexistence and Conflict Resolution is now open for enrolment and seeking talented students to start this fall.


The program brings together a team of internationally renowned specialists from the diverse fields of conflict resolution, international development, peace education, and sociology. It aims to explore the potential of sport as an agent of social cohesion and peace-building in volatile contexts, while equipping students with the knowledge and skills to design and implement projects for constructive change. Applicants are invited to enroll in one of two postgraduate programs, year-long each, or the entire two-year Master’s degree comprising the programs, and can choose between English and Spanish as their language of instruction.
We are happy to invite you to become a trainer for peace by joining our postgraduate or MA program and to help us spread the word about our initiative among your colleagues and friends. Please find more details in the attachment, and thank you for your cooperation.

Sincerely yours,
Claudia Solanes
Coordinator, MA Sport for Social Coexistence and Conflict Resolution
Campus for Peace, Open University of Catalonia

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