Thursday, November 01, 2012

CFP: Southeastern Women's Studies Association Conference

REMINDER: 29 Days Until final SEWSA Call for Papers Deadline!Please post and foward this announcement.
Hotel & registration information now posted on our website.
**Our conference overlaps with a major citywide event --
so please reserve your hotel room EARLY!!!**

Southeastern Women's Studies Association Conference, April 18-20, UNC Greensboro
Call for Papers/Submissions Deadlines: November 16 and November 30, 2012

General Proposal Deadline: November 30, 2012
SEWSA 2013 invites conversation surrounding Outrage! Discourses,
Practices, and Politics of Protest and Social Transformation that
have been and will be transformative in the interdisciplinary study of
women, gender, sexuality, and in framing and exploring social
experience. The conference will foster a vigorous, open and inclusive
dialogue about the need for, and possibility of, different avenues to
change and transformation. Rage, outrage, protest, organizing,
diplomacy, and compromise will be considered as they are manifested in
the discourses, practices, and products of art, scholarship and public

Proposals should be submitted via:

For more information:

SEWSA Caucus Proposal Deadline: November 16, 2012**
The Southeastern Women's Studies Association supports caucuses for
groups that are under-represented within society or SEWSA as an
organization. Current caucuses include LGBTQ Caucus, People of Color
Caucus and Student Caucus.

**Those submitting caucus proposals will be notified soon after the
deadline so that they can also submit to the general CFP by November
30th, should they desire.

LGBTQ Caucus CFP: "The Queer South: Challenging Regionalisms"
solicits proposals that critically analyze some phenomenon related to
sexualized or gendered "otherness" that positions the South (or some
facet of the South) as "queer." These analyses may define "queer" in
terms of les-bi-gay/non-straight sexualities, non-normative genders,
or other non-normative sexual practices (not necessarily les-bi-gay),
or non- or anti-heteronormative practices, theories, and lives. The
call is open to broad interpretations of "the South," including the
global South, but the LGBTQ Caucus takes as its starting point how the
U.S. South is situated within a national landscape.

For more information and submission, contact LGBTQ Caucus Chair,
Jennifer Purvis

PoC Caucus CFP: "A Meeting at the Kitchen Table: POC Feminists
Envisioning the Future" calls on some of our People of Color feminist
foremothers to examine where we are as POC academics, cultural
workers, and artists and where we'd like to be. As we look at the
interracial POC dynamics that both propel and impede our
activism/scholarship/art we realize that we must look to ourselves for
answers as we struggle to keep our movements alive. We invite stories,
questions, experiments, practices, and ideas from POC to encourage an
intergenerational multi-racial conversation that supports the
articulation of collective movement toward the world we want.

For more information and submission, contact PoC Caucus Chair, Moya

Student Caucus CFP: "The Future of Feminism in a Post-Identity Era"
invites proposals that examine the relevance of identity categories
for contemporary academics and activists. Feminism, Queer Studies and
Critical Race Theory have explored the continued relevance of these
categories, with concern for preserving points of solidarity and
narratives of struggle, existence and belonging. How can feminist and
queer scholarship demonstrate the continued importance of these
categories? What kinds of work can we produce that will expand the
public's awareness of continuing discrimination and marginalization?

For more information and submission, contact student caucus
representative, Aretina Hamilton

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