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CFP: Special Issue of JSM on Community Sport


Special Issue of the Journal of Sport Management

Community Sport

Community sport has recently come under the research lens, in large part because of a growing
focus on its (potential) role in helping achieve government policy objectives that range from
individual physical and emotional health, to community cohesion. It is also a sport context of
particular interest, being the grassroots foundation of a country’s sport system, and where most
people engage in organized sport. As a result, there is a growing body of research examining
various aspects of community sport (e.g., policy, capacity, innovation, volunteerism,
interorganizational relations, social inclusion, social capital, community development).

The intent of the special issue is to provide a platform for the examination of various aspects of
community sport, and thus to foster progress in its study and practice.

Possible topics include (but are not limited to):
  • The development, governance, and management of community sport:
  •  The nature and impact of community sport program design and delivery
  •  Strategy and structure of community sport organizations and delivery mechanisms
  •  The development, nature and impact of community sport policy, and the impact of policy
  • on community sport
  •  Community sport governance, at the organizational and/or government level
  •  Organizational capacity development
  •  Community sport volunteerism
  •  Interorganizational relations in community sport
  •  Legal aspects of community sport
  •  Community sport marketing
  •  Facility challenges, including access and affordability
  •  Innovation in community sport
  •  Commercialization of community sport
  • The impact of community sport (including benefits and detriments):
  •  The impact of community sport programs and experiences on individuals and groups,
  • including marginalized cohorts
  •  Local and societal impact of community sport
(Note. The focus is community-based sport programs and organizations rather than school sport and large-scale sport events.)

Conceptual and empirical research with a strong theoretical basis that advances knowledge are
being sought. Studies using quantitative and/or qualitative approaches are welcomed.
Submissions for the “From the Field” section of JSM are encouraged.

Manuscripts should follow the guidelines in the Publication Manual of the American
Psychological Association (6th ed.), 2009 (, and should be prepared in accordance
with the Journal of Sport Management “Instructions to Authors”
( Manuscripts must not be submitted to
another journal while they are under review by the Journal of Sport Management, nor should
they have been previously published.

Manuscripts should be submitted no later than September 1, 2012 via e-mail to either of the
Guest Editors:

Alison Doherty, PhD
Associate Professor, Sport Management
School of Kinesiology
Faculty of Health Sciences
The University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada
N6A 3K7
Ph. 519-661-2111 Ext. 88362
Fax 519-661-2008

Laura Cousens, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Sport Management
Faculty of Applied Health Sciences
Brock University
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
L2S 3A1
Ph. 905-688-5550 (Ext. 4748)
Fax 905-688-4505

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