Monday, April 25, 2011

CFP: Sociology of Sport Journal Special Issue

Sociology of Sport Journal
Special Issue: Glocalization of Sports in Asia
Editors: Younghan Cho (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies), Charles Leary (National University of Singapore), and Steve Jackson (University of Otago)

Call for Papers
The thesis of glocalization (Robertson,1995) has been widely used to explicate the global circulation and consumption of American cultural commodities and their accommodations to local contexts, including the links between globalized American sports and local responses to them (Andrews & Ritzer, 2007; Cho, 2009; Giulianotti & Robertson, 2007). Research about globalized sports and local responses in specifically Asian contexts, however, remains scarce. Given the proliferation of American (global) sports in Asia, which has been rapid and highly influential politically, economically, and socially, the concrete ways that sports become localized there are ripe for further study. This call for papers aims to generate a special issue in which the concept of glocalization is used to explore the history, development, and current state of Asian sports culture as the region experiences escalating dimensions of globalization.

In order to succeed in Asia, global sports are compelled to continually accommodate to the local—not only because of perpetually shifting conditions, but also because of the complex relationships between sport and other societal elements. Sport is a highly effective tool of globalization in Asia, yet remains strongly connected to both national and local roots. Thorough, nuanced understandings of this duality are necessary to any explication of the significance of glocalization within the construction of Asian sports culture, and the implications of these processes.

The editors seek contemporary and historical examinations of sport glocalization in Asia from the late nineteenth century to the present, including the replacement of traditional sports, innovations of particular established traditions tied to sports, and the invention of modern sports cultures. By interrogating the many ways that modern sports have been and still are received and appropriated in Asia, this issue will explicate the historicity of the glocalization of sports in Asia, present the current state of sports there, and consider the future of its sports culture.

Accepted papers will employ a variety of paradigmatic, methodological, and disciplinary perspectives. This issue will consider textual, empirical, case study, and/or theory-based work related to Asian sports culture, but are especially interested in papers that critically engage Asian sports culture within the larger processes of reinventing tradition and constructing modernity. Work that focuses on East Asia and Southeast Asia is especially sought, as the rapid economic development and dramatically increased consumer cultures of these areas have made them major targets for the global sports industry.

Authors should follow the “Instructions of Contributors” found at and in every issue of the Sociology of Sport Journal. Word limit is 8,000, including back matter.

Online submissions should be sent to, and questions should be sent to Dr. Younghan Cho,, Dr. Charles Leary, or Dr. Steven Jackson,

Due date for Papers: 30th September, 2011

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